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At our firm, we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit, setting us apart from traditional accounting and consulting firms. While we possess the necessary education, certifications, and degrees, it is our hands-on experience in starting, scaling, managing, and acquiring businesses that truly sets us apart. We excel in the technical aspects, but it is our strategic mindset and insightful perspectives that truly make a difference.

We firmly believe that every business owner deserves a financial partner who shares their level of excitement in building their business. We are process-driven and results-oriented, making even the most mundane financial tasks enjoyable. We go beyond the numbers, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data to provide unparalleled insights that drive informed decision-making in the toughest circumstances.

No matter the size of your business, we understand the importance of working with an experienced CFO from day one. We know that building a strong foundation and implementing effective systems are vital for achieving your long-term business objectives. Let us be your financial partner on this thrilling journey, and together, we will bring your business aspirations to life.

Founder, CEO Capone & Associates

Chris Capone

Meet Chris, the visionary CFO who knows how to transform your business dreams into reality. With a remarkable history of scaling and managing both start-ups and established companies. In addition to serving his clients, Chris’ primary focus is building an infrastructure and culture that attracts, develops, and retains the very best talent in the business, so that Capone & Associates is able to provide the ultimate client experience and excellent results.

As a licensed CPA in the state of North Carolina, Chris brings a wealth of technical finance and accounting expertise to the table. His strategic planning and execution skills, coupled with his extensive experience in raising capital and managing risk, make him an invaluable asset to any business.

Having co-founded a business and taken it from ground zero to over $100 million in revenues, Chris has a keen understanding of what it takes to build and grow a successful enterprise. He has managed millions in cash and assets, utilizing strategic leverage to raise capital and generate exceptional returns on equity.

Outside of the boardroom, Chris embraces his passion for the outdoors and sustainability. He and his wife live in Seabreeze, North Carolina, embodying their commitment to living a balanced and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Chris Capone
Elyse D'Auria

Elyse D’Auria

Director of Operations

Introducing Elyse D’Auria, our Director of Operations at Capone & Associates, who is an expert in creating dynamic workflows and providing critical operational support for small businesses. Elyse is backed by over two decades of comprehensive experience in accounting, management, and sales, which empowers her with a deep understanding of the operational needs of both new and matured businesses. Originally hailing from Long Island, New York, Elyse’s adventurous spirit carried her across the nation to Scottsdale, AZ. It is there that she discovered her zeal for finance, an influential component of her professional identity today, and also met her lifelong partner, Danny. After years of experiencing the desert lifestyle, they decided to move back to the coast, to Wilmington, where they are enjoying raising two daughters. Here, she capitalizes on her experience to benefit businesses through strategic operational strategies and robust management principles. Elyse is a great fit for the Capone & Associates family her extensive experience and unique skills contribute to enhancing the client experience and producing outstanding results. We are thrilled to have her onboard.
Daniel Cataldi

Daniel Cataldi

Accounting Manager

Meet Dan Cataldi, an Accounting Manager at Capone & Associates. With over a decade of diversified accounting experience encompassing public, tax, audit, and small business facets, Dan brings a comprehensive skill set to our team.
Originally from Southern New Hampshire, Dan exchanged the frosty Northeast for the allure of Wilmington in 2012. He further honed his proficiency in accounting at UNCW, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
Outside his professional sphere, Dan prioritizes family time. Together with his fiancé Ashley and their two delightful children, Vincent and Amelia, he relishes activities like fishing, golfing, or hosting memorable family barbecues. Dan’s knack for balancing work and leisure aligns perfectly with our team’s ethos, making him an indispensable member of Capone & Associates.

Susan McLean

Accounting & Finance Consultant

Meet Susan McLean, an accomplished professional known for her ability to facilitate rapid growth, streamline operations, and optimize profitability in small to medium-sized businesses. With a strong academic foundation, holding a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Education from North Carolina State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Susan brings a quantitative edge to her strategic decisions. Her professional journey commenced as a financial advisor at AXA Advisors, where she gained vital financial expertise and obtained her series 6, 7, and 63 financial licenses which further strengthens her capacity to drive optimal operating performance. In 2005, Susan partnered professionally with her husband, Michael Satrazemis, serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Filmwerks International. Her tenure there was marked by her impressive ability to restructure and propel the business towards enhanced profitability and efficiency. A testament to her pivotal role was the successful sale of the majority stake of Filmwerks International to a venture capitalist firm in 2018, which she orchestrated. Currently, Susan is acquiring her Master of Accountancy from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Her ability to combine real-world experience with her robust academic background sets her apart in her field. Susan’s forward-thinking financial strategies and commitment to growth make her an invaluable asset to any organization she joins.